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Running Raddle in RHEL

Raddle is a great SNMP player written in Perl. I say player to this emulator application, meaning that I can append or dump snmpwalk output from a device and then replay that from Raddle. Installing it can be both simple and tedious tasks. I used Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2 inside a virtual machine (VirtualBox) [...]

Hijri Calendar

Not succeding to find Hijri Calendar in Synaptic, I go for http://www.ojuba.org/wiki/hijra/. First, let Google translate does the job. Secondly, install this python applet. Inside hijra-0.1.18 run $ sudo python setup.py install It’d fail as it couldn’t find HijriApplet. Rename HijriApplet.py to HijriApplet to make it work. Now, it is in path (/usr/bin/) and can [...]

Tagsistant (1)

Installation of tagsistant requires SQLite and FUSE, in Ubuntu they are satisfied as libsqlite3-dev and libfuse-dev (which will also requires libselinux1-dev and libsepol1-dev). A series of configure, make, and make-install will fail during the make-install. /usr/local/share/pixmaps must be created first before running $ sudo make install After that I test tagsistant to organize /data/tags/ $ [...]

Replace Existing OVCoreID Entries

In a de-installed node, OVCoreID can then be manually added to the management server. After installing the node copy the new $ ovcoreid from the managed node to the management server: opcnode -chg_id cocpeca1.somecompany.lan id=xxx <ovcoreid> The node label cocpeca1 must already exist, check first by using: opcnode -list_nodes node_list=cocpeca1.somecompany.lan It is also better to [...]

Switch OV Process Ownerships

In my-client implementation there is standard owner for OV processes, that is opc_op. We can check this on running agents/OV daemons via ps -ef | grep OV. A non-standard my-client will return e.g. (which are owned by root): root 2555 1 0 Mar10 ? 00:00:08 /opt/OV/bin/ovcd root 2569 2555 0 Mar10 ? 00:00:08 /opt/OV/bin/ovbbccb -nodaemon [...]

Install HP P1006 Laser Jet

Basically installation is described here, but I download directly: wget http://foo2zjs.rkkda.com/foo2zjs.tar.gz wget http://foo2zjs.rkkda.com/firmware/sihpP1006.tar.gz First, I remove foo2zjs that was installed by default. After (1) make and (2) copy the unpacked HP driver to foo2zjs directory. Do the (3) make install and make install-hotplug. Run cups and the printer will be listed in the usual list [...]

Dependecies in Manual Agent Deinstallation

If you wish to clean all OVO installation in managed node, start deinstallation from other OpenView application i.e. OV Performance Agent (OVPA). This will resolve dependency issues.

Manual HTTPS Agent Installation-Deinstallation (2)

…cont’d… More Messy situation usually occur if agent was previously installed (along with activation in management server, node addition, etc.). If an HTTPS agent is deinstalled manually in the managed node, its data stays exist in certificate server & management server. We need to clean this mess. Under complete deinstallation, the following directories are removed [...]

Manual HTTPS Agent Installation-Deinstallation (1)

Having pre-installed machine to be used for agent installation experiment is somehow tedious. But, I benefit from the troubleshooting effort. Actually the pointers is written in Arsena – OVO Admin Guide v1.0a, but it wasn’t emphasized visually as being significant (so I missed it). There are three common install situation: Clean. OVCoreID and node mapping [...]

Troubleshoot Installation

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