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Manual HTTPS Agent Installation-Deinstallation (2)

More Messy situation usually occur if agent was previously installed (along with activation in management server, node addition, etc.). If an HTTPS agent is deinstalled manually in the managed node, its data stays exist in certificate server & management server. We need to clean this mess.

Under complete deinstallation, the following directories are removed by

Hence, installing again in that managed node will give new OVCoreID. After activation, certificate request (ovcert -certreq) will appear in management server. A mismatch then occurs (due to similar host name [?]) from previous registration.

In management server we must delete previous information. At least the previously added node:

opcnode -del_node node_name=tikanga3.internal.mycompany.lan net_type=NETWORK_IP

There is a way to force previously-registered OVCoreID from the management server:

  1. Copy the core ID from the managed node (check ovcoreid)
  2. On management server: opccsacm -issue -file [some file to save to] -pass [password] -name [fqdn hostname] -coreid [coreid of node]
  3. FTP above file to managed node
  4. On managed node:

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