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HTTPS Using Server-Client Certificate Pair (1): Generate & Sign by OpenSSL

Multiple command lines in the process of generating certificates using openssl can be quite confusing and easily mixed up over which-do-what. Most of them are repetitions of almost the same syntax (where the confusion comes). Background: I need to setup an HTTPS site with not just server certificate to secure it, but requiring also client [...]

Manual Ceritificate Modification


Issue certificate file from management server: [mgmtsrv]$ ovcm -issue -file /tmp/node.cert -name <nodename> -pass <password> -coreid <coreid from node> Copy the /tmp/node.cert file to the node and import it. [node]$ ovcert -importcert -file /tmp/node.cert -pass <password> It will then appear in the ovcert -list. Communication using HTTPS will also work, test this with bbcutil -ping [...]

Manual HTTPS Agent Installation-Deinstallation (2)

…cont’d… More Messy situation usually occur if agent was previously installed (along with activation in management server, node addition, etc.). If an HTTPS agent is deinstalled manually in the managed node, its data stays exist in certificate server & management server. We need to clean this mess. Under complete deinstallation, the following directories are removed [...]