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Manual HTTPS Agent Installation-Deinstallation (1)

Having pre-installed machine to be used for agent installation experiment is somehow tedious. But, I benefit from the troubleshooting effort.

Actually the pointers is written in Arsena – OVO Admin Guide v1.0a, but it wasn’t emphasized visually as being significant (so I missed it). There are three common install situation:

How to find which trouble I’m into?

opccsa -list_pending_cr

The problem is: it’d take some time for the pending-list to appear in the management server. I did restart (ovc -restart) the server, but it only helped a little (inconsistent). The server may have too much load at that time as the pending-list is appearing completely in the following day:

 Hostname  |                         Request ID  |                  Mapped Host  |
localhost.localdomain  d936333e-f6a4-7537-0376-8e055989b35e
localhost.localdomain  e8087476-f686-7537-16ba-c77d2fc599e3
rhel-arif.internal.mycompany.lan  6e73e0a6-f57c-7537-1622-b0d28f73264c
tikanga3.internal.mycompany.lan  <strong>bc0a2506-f8d2-7537-1416-e692e27b7af0</strong>  tikanga3.internal.mycompany.lan
tikanga3.internal.mycompany.lan  d1f8b5b2-d14a-7537-0325-c7ed4464fe55

In Messy situation. We need to map the node through command line or Motif GUI.

Once, I do it through GUI:.

In the 2nd attempt I mix: adding node in GUI: Actions > Add Node and then map using command line:

opccsa -map_node bc0a2506-f8d2-7537-1416-e692e27b7af0=tikanga3

Those numbers are request ID listed in list_pending_cr. tikanga3 is the name of the node that we’ve added.

To add node through command line (instead of GUI) do:

opcnode -add_node node_name=tikanga3.internal.mycompany.lan node_label=tikanga3 net_type=NETWORK_IP mach_type=MACH_BBC_LX26RPM_X86 comm_type=COMM_BBC group_name=Linux layout_group=MenaraDuta

If layout_group isn’t included by default the added node will be in layout group HoldingArea.

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