'WinZip® 9.0. Now with AES Encryption,' that is what you might find in the product site. The most popular compression utility (more than 115 million downloads) needs to have the word 'encryption' in the promo tagline as security becomes issues nowadays. Thus, it can be said that 'encryption' is also a popular demand. What about AES? How would AES encryption fulfill security needs? ...


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water based paintings, haven't done any for quite a longtime, Its about water saturation control though ...More

108. (My student-registration-number, the digits 13299 are placed prior to 108 indicating my major and the year I went college). In Buddhist tradition, 108 represents divisions of time -the 12 months, 24 seasons and 72 periods of the Buddhist year; it has strong associations of a more religious kind, too- e.g. the 108 beads of a rosary or 108 passions which leads mind astray. Each of the 6 roots of perception in man -eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, & discriminating intellect -when confronted with 1 of the 6 'ignoble dusts' of the world -colour, sound, smell, taste, physical contact, and phenomena- may react in any of the 6 ways : and the 36 primary passions thus aroused may be encountered in any of the 3 worlds of past, present and future, giving a total of one hundred and eight ...More

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