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Marina Xavier with her Afro-like head cover -it reminded me of Erykah Badu, Hughes or Rieka Roeslan type of "hair do"- was introduced to the audience. Sue (the blues lady) co-hosted the small press conference -the original host from the committee, a she, had more confidence doing it with an English-spoken company, just a feeling I guess.

Sue fire away, an immediate silence... she paused

(I'll have it continue later...he he :D ) ....More

Pembaca Akrobatik

Prosesi pemakaman Harry Roesli –buat saya: ia tambun & nyentrik– berlangsung pukul 14.00 WIB di areal masjid tempat saya  biasa Jum’atan dulu –sampai lulus SMP. Karena berada tidak jauh dari rumah, sekitar 350 m, Bapak-Ibu & Adik –keluarga minus saya– pergi melayat –malahan Bapak ikut shalat jenazah. Mungkin salah satu dari sekian orang yang tak pernah dikenal langsung tapi pantas ditakziahi, ya, almarhum ini....More

Wonderful people Wonderful musicians
I’ve got the chance to accompany the Swiss Duo in Jakarta – a session during their 3 cities tour.
generally spoken language
me: Tarzan
them: Swiss-German & good English
They had been in Jakarta a day earlier before I was introduced to them at ZOOM lounge (5/10). The first job of the day was sound check....More

Sudah dapat diduga sebelumnya, aksi protes terhadap taping ClasAkustik - ANTV. Acara ini belakangan mengambil tempat di kampus2 (sebelumnya venue yang dipakai adalah café/pub). Sering saya menyaksikannya (live performance memang selalu menarik, apapun musiknya), sempat juga bertanya-tanya, "Kapan giliran Bandung? Bakal di kampus mana?" Lebih jauh lagi, "Gimana, ya, cara mereka masuk kampus? Apa senatnya yang ikut ngorganisir?"...More

A murder just have had happened 80 m next to where I live in Bogor. The victims were a couple, both husband & wife were killed then. The man have had very ill with stroke attack quite sometimes ago. It was a burglary, the house where they lived in is quite modern for its time when it was built. Most of its wall are maroon bricks, wide spaced garden yard, paved parking lot and a garage enough for 4. A man who used to do the lawn mowing is suspected. He has disappeared till now.

The interesting fact about this lawn man is that he used to take care a family in the house near the ex-supermarket -it was broke already. Well, babysit is a usual thing, but a family  with 3 mentally disordered members aren't casual. Two of them are used to 'wandering around' (is not surprising if I got some chance meeting them downtown, even in my high school), while one can be said as normal, he got married, have had a child, though one couldn't be so sure about his sanity. The one who wandered a lot usually didn't have his clothes on, only shorts, its all there was. Just from a friend of my father who said to me that...

P.S. There's something big going on in me, if I'm to report such thing. Its the type of person you wouldn't trust.

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