Ive implemented AES-128 cryptography algorithm in 8051 microcontroller. When the machine cycle that counts, my ported crypto has reached the highest cycles compared to known 8 bit C implementations (AVR & PIC). However, this comparison was only a reflection of how implementation methods affected speed-size (afterall, we were talking three different instruction sets here, eventually: three big C families).
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Remember chip card for public payphone? (there aren't any left operating in Indonesia) Practically, it was a memory card -there were other types as well: smarter ones- with an ISO7816-like protocol. Just like fuse, we could only "erase" (~pay the call), hence, no possible pay-unit could be added. [this chip reader-writer module was made during my co op]
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University of The Ryukyus held the annual HDL chip design contest. As team, we've submitted the 2004 contest. The design was a part of AES crypto engine: the SubBytes. One of our member made it to the final presentation in Okinawa due to his previous work for the rest of our class' submitters. He (Ma'muri) was accompanying the invited team' presenter.

One member of the invited team & the class' lecturer did an interview for MetroTV e-lifestyle.



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