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    Sensitivity analysis of interfacial tension predictions for hydrocarbon fluids. DANDEKAR Abhijit Y. Petroleum science and technology. 2004, vol. 22, no9-10, pp. 1161-1172 [12 page(s) (article)] (11 ref.)

    The interfacial tension (IFT) of hydrocarbon fluids is commonly predicted by either the parachor method or the scaling law. The methods require equilibrium liquid and vapor phase composition and density. An equation of state would normally be required if experimental values are not available. However, the computation of density for simple hydrocarbons and reservoir fluids, despite the important advances achieved by cubic equations of state, still remains a weak link in these types of calculations. Thus, there exists a need to investigate the qualitative and quantitative effects, of such inaccuracies in the density, on IFT predictions. Moreover, the study presented in this work would be useful in reservoir engineering and enhanced oil recovery calculations. The results presented in this work indicate that the methods are highly sensitive to the inaccuracies in the density of both the liquid and the vapor phases. An error of around 10% in the liquid or the vapor density can result in an error of up to 200% in the estimated IFT. Two binary and one ternary mixture for which measured data on IFT, composition and density is reported in the literature form the basis of this study.

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