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    Use of a spectrophotometer for biodiesel quality sensing.
    Paper number 053133, 2005 ASAE Annual Meeting. Artur Zawadzki, Dev Shrestha, Brian He.

    The test procedures to assure ASTM biodiesel quality are not being widely implemented because of the lengthy procedures and laboratory equipment requirements. A critical need in the increasingly emerging biodiesel industry right now is a reliable, affordable and rapid test method for determining the blends of biodiesel in diesel fuel. As an effort to explore a reliable and rapid method, a spectrophotometer was used to scan the blends of #2 fossil diesel and biodiesel for spectrums in the wavelength range of 190-1100 nm.

    The shape of the spectrum curve was found to be different for different biodiesel feedstock where as relative absorbance and characteristic peaks of absorbance curve was attenuated with increasing amount of diesel in the blend. Shape characteristics were fed into neural network to predict the biodiesel feedstock and blend level in biodiesel-diesel mixture.


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