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SNMP: Mistake of Using Tabular OID in Practice

Recently, I retrieve rectifier-related SNMP data from Eltek’s Smartpack Controller. This one has the following rear type where we can connect to the ethernet plug (see the purple area). It is presumably in its default configuration and I can snmpwalk through its corporate specific OIDs (under 12148 tree) to find i.e. output voltage, current, battery [...]

Write Your Own MIB File (Tabular)


When it comes to writing our own MIB, a practical choice might be to write the whole objects as of scalar type (RFC-1212). That means, let’s say we have 2 battery statuses, each of them must be explicitly written individually within the MIB file. Example of calling their voltages: $ snmpwalk -m +REKTRONIK-MIB -v 1 [...]