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Nebri Automation for Weather Feed to Twitter

The season was intermittently rainy or dry as I began to take interest in weather. After getting stuck with “If-this-than-that” (IFTTT) for multiple location feeds of weather, I found out that I wasn’t alone, a geek hit the same wall, yet bringing another automation forgery: Nebri OS, an event-driven development platform based-on writing rules in [...]

Get Commuter Train Trouble Alert Delivered to Watch by IFTTT

Imagine getting alerts of Commuter Line train service disruption right on your wrist! Well, the watch thing isn’t a must as any SMS-enabled phone will do. But without the watch, I won’t be introduced to “If-this-than-that” (IFTTT), a simple logic line that glues popular apps into trigger and action branded as recipes. Anyone can code [...]

Queue Job To Be Executed At Certain Times

A series of command can be queued by using at command. There are slight variations between UNIXs for at command, the following example is for Ubuntu. Due to to the purpose of running it for OpenView managed nodes (this is some sort of trial-test), I put the job queue as if it was done through [...]