clrg status -v

Cluster Resource Groups ===
Group Name            Node Name            Suspended            Status
----------            ---------            ---------            ------
cache1rg              lb1                  No                   Online
cache2rg              server1              No                   Online
prirg                 lb1                  No                   Online
                      server1              No                   Offline
mngrg                 testing2             No                   Online
                      server1              No                   Offline
                      lb1                  No                   Offline

In our specific case of resource groups:

clrg status -v – gives the status of cluster
clrg offline mngrg – takes down the management gui.
clrg offline prirg – takes down the 3 lb’s (ucip, scap1, scap2).
clrg offline cache2rg cache1rg – takes down the terracotta instances.