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    When put at the root of my Windows user folder C:\Users\[my username]\Dockerfile
    it will fail to find context of related files required in the build

    COPY failed: stat /mnt/sda1/var/lib/docker/tmp/docker-builder746762051/nodejs/package.json: no such file or directory

    Hence, in separate sub-directory:

    <docker Windows User root>
       nodejs (dir)
             |___ Dockerfile
                  resources (dir)

    COPY success during build:

    cd nodejs
    docker build -t bandono/simplenodeweb .

    Instead of -d that exited with code 126 the whole time, run the serverhello.js using:

    $ docker run -p 8286:8080 bandono/simplenodeweb node serverhello.js
    Running on

    References (which not working at first running with -d):

    [1] nodejs org
    [2] DigitalOcean


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