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Write WordPress Plugins to Play Freemind Mind-Map File

The first version main goal is to embed the *.mm file which is a Freemind file. I found similarity of embedding this kind of file in flash-video-player plugins (I used version 3.1.8). So, I tried to reverse engineer by mind-mapping how it works first and how to hook plugins to WordPress. Here is version 1.1 [...]

MicroBlogger Add Search Feature (1)

This is mainly about view of custom search page (not about searching itself). Adding “Search” To Main Link Tabs Changes to file under /app/omb/plugins/ wp.php security.php In wp.php: Adding $links[’Search’] = $request->url_for(’search’); between ‘Personal’ and ‘Profile’ would bring out the ‘Search’ tab in main link-tabs. In security.php Adding function security_init() { … $request->connect( ‘search’ ); [...]